Icing on the Cake (IOC)

IOC PLAN – Icing on the Cake

IOC, Icing on the existing cake, is an additional compensation plan (uni-level) added to the existing Marketing Plan of DXN. It enables to increase your income, motivate your non-active members, accelerate your network expansion, purchase any mix of available products at prevailing DP and mainly buy once and earn forever.

We would like to inform you about the plan Icing on the Cake - NEWS!

IOC - Icing on the Cake is the additional compensation plan to the DXN marketing plan.

Now you have possibility to purchase it using ePoint.

So far, except Slovakia, this plan has been implemented in the following markets - Philippines, Hungary, Romania, Bulgary, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Hong Kong, USA, Mongolia, Indonesia, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia, Canada, Australia and Singapore.

Procedure of purchasing IOC package :
1. Letter of Intent - Sending the Letter of Intend is the first step to purchase the IOC
2. Request for payment - we confirm you how much to pay ... it is 200 EUR per each iPackage
3. Your payment arrives to the bank account of the company.
4. We issue the advance invoice for iPackage purchased and Voucher for redemption.
5. You will send us IOC purchase order to redeem the voucher sent to you.
6. We send you the products along with final invoice

You may also send Letter of intent, payment and IOC purchase order for voucher redumption together

IOC plan allows to create your new lines (maximum up to 2nd level) with units bought in your own iCode.

(Those who order more than 1 iPackage, please fill the correct sponsor i-upcode of each new unit that you wish to buy in order to place them properly. If you do not know the iupcode yet, use A B C D to indicate the sponsor code - refer the letter of intend)

If a new prospect or online registered member purchase an iPackage, its not compulsory to buy a Start kit , he or she will be considered a valid DXN member and will be eligible to receive bonus if PPV is maintained in the existing marketing plan.

For countries which have not launched IOC at the moment, members may purchase iPackage from any of the countries mentioned above on their own arrangement. IOC package's DP and iSV will base on country of purchase. Product redemption must be from the same country of purchase and member has to follow the terms & conditions of country of purchase.

Worldwide the DXN company has run 1st Uni-Level Bonus & 1st iPS Bonus together in June 2014 (IOC sales for February, March, April and May counted together), except for the Philippines, Greece & Bulgaria (3 countries) where the Uni-Level Bonus aws run earlier.

Download Here:
IOC plan
Introduction of IOC plan
IOC remuneration plan
Letter of intent